The Growthdrivers App

Starting a business is hard. Growing a business is even harder!

If you are unaware of how your beliefs and emotions impact your decision making and, consequently, personal and professional circumstances, scaling your business becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, the Growthdrivers app provides business owners the tools to increase employee engagement, performance, and organizational productivity through proprietary, psychology-based, self - awareness training to successfully grow their business and make their teams happy, synchronized, and highly functional.

The app enables business owners, as well as their employees, to intuitively track emotional responses and behavioral patterns, compete with peers, and listen to customized, audio mantras to improve self - awareness and maintain oversight of how reactions to specific events dictate their present circumstances. Most importantly, users will also learn how to identify, and subsequently modify, behavioral patterns to achieve desired, future circumstances.

Members enrolled in The School of Biz can access iOS, Android, and web browser versions of the Growthdrivers app.

The Growthdrivers App is here!!!

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Combined with our programs, this software will:


Entrepreneurs have tremendous impact.  This App enables you to see and understand how you impact others, events and even yourself.  The payback: higher employee engagement.


Stop practicing self-sabotaging behaviors that damages your culture, increases turn-over, decreases productivity and profits, and costs you big money.


Show that you can adjust to the NEW RULES of business in the age of COVID. Eliminate Entrepreneurial Poverty and watch levels of employee engagement increase.


Build a culture of high-performance that attracts and keeps top talent. A culture that measures itself through data is a culture of accountability that’s addicting.


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