Lititz Record: Business Develops Behavioral-Awareness App for Entrepreneurs

Ted and George Wolf were featured in the April 2020 Lititz Record talking about The School of Biz and their behavioral-awareness smart app, Growth Factors. 

To read the full article in the Lititz Record, please visit this site and select 4/14/22 in the date dropdown.

Article TEXT:

Lititz-based family business develops behavioral-awareness smart app designed for entrepreneurs

A father-and-son team from Lititz has launched a new behavioral-awareness app designed for entrepreneurs.

Ted Wolf and his son George Wolf developed the new Growthdrivers App through The School of Biz, an online business school co-founded by Ted 68, and George, 28. The School of Biz is an online startup offering informal business classes.

“We worked out of two rooms in our home for the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ted Wolf. “Now we are growing the concept and looking to offer entrepreneurs access to a new app that integrates logic, emotions, and actions so users...

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