How To Reclaim Your Time, Increase Your Productivity, And Become A Dynamic Leader In Your Business!

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you love doing parts of your job, but really don’t like other parts.

The parts you love, you do well, and it's easy to make time for.

The other parts you don’t like, well, you do because you ‘have’ to, but you can’t wait until you're done doing them.

Guess what - the people around you feel the same way; if you’re not happy I guarantee they aren’t happy.

Now picture this:

The business is about to miss its quarterly goals.

You think it’s because you aren’t disciplined in how you spend your time.

So you make the extraordinary effort of time-blocking to get more work done.

This time-blocking works for a few days, but eventually old habits come back, and holding to the new schedule just doesn’t work.

So you beat yourself up and rededicate to time-blocking again.

It feels like you’re living the life on a hamster wheel!

How you spend your time is the one topic that drives entrepreneurs and business leaders crazy.

Because most owners and business leaders do really well at tasks they love, but what they don’t like doing, they do very poorly, regardless of the consequences.

Time-blocking has its place in every business.

But not the typical time-blocking used by most owners.

I’m talking about a time-blocking that works. 

It’s planning your time around what excites you that gives you unlimited positive energy.

More importantly, it’s time-blocking around doing only what you love doing.

High personal production isn’t the result of doing what you don’t like doing.

It comes from you doing the things you most love and do really well.

Doing tasks that you love isn’t work; you always get them completed, often with time to spare.

It’s often said by those who manage their time by doing only what they love doing...

 “I can’t believe I get paid for doing something I love so much.”

Your to-do’s:

  • Create a list of all the tasks you have to perform, and identify what it is you really love doing.
  • Determine the value you could bring to the business if you spent all your time doing those things.
  • Delegate the things you don’t like doing to other, more capable employees.

Imagine coming to work to do only those things that excite you.

You’d be more relaxed, have time to listen to people, and even get more done.

So plan your day around what builds exciting and creative energy; not what ‘has to be done’ that you only give a part of yourself to.

The result?

You will be happier, look forward to coming into work every day, not count the hours, and even be an owner/manager that others want to be around...

That’s the formula for growing your creative contributions to building a better business.

And everyone enjoys the benefit.


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