How To Find Your Emotional GPS & Take Control Of Your Business

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2020

Ever get in the car and just drive - with no destination in mind?

It can be fun and exciting, giving you a sense of freedom in not knowing where you are.

It’s just you and the open road!

You don’t even need a map to do this because you have all the time in the world.

But after a while, you still have to ‘pay the bills.’

It’s like that in business.

You start the business or a new product line and feel excited, adventurous, and experience a new sense of freedom not knowing all the possibilities.

Until you have to pay the bills.

Then you need a map, and your financial reports become that map.

Like any good GPS, all you have to do is tell the financial statements where you want to go, and they’ll tell you where you are today and what you need to do to get to your destination.

As you begin learning to read the financial map, a whole new world of awareness opens up to you.

But why do so many entrepreneurs still experience so much stress, anxiety, and burn-out?

Could it be that we need another map beyond the financials, to build a business that means something to you beyond just money?

After all, we’ve all had jobs where we made lots of money but are miserable doing the job.

We’re humans, and we need something that excites us to explore new adventures while keeping us safe at the same time.

That map exists, and it’s free to everyone.

That map is your emotions.

Emotions are funny things.

We can’t really touch them, but they touch us.

They twist, turn, manipulate, and transform us in ways we don’t understand.

In fact, we believe they are so powerful that they actually control us, so we fear and resist them.

Actually, they do control us until we have a map that tells us where we are and how to get to our destination.

Tracking the emotions you experience over time portrays patterns; emotional patterns you use to find your way in life.

But without a map, you’re lost and go down every rabbit-hole looking for direction.

This map of your emotions becomes a mirror; it’s a mirror of your ‘Inner-Game.’

And through that mirror, we build deep self-awareness of who we are from the inside-out.

Deep self-awareness is the key to unlocking our inner-potential to massive energy and drive.

Building awareness of the emotions we experience, the patterns they form, and the ‘things’ they tell us, gives us a new power.

The power where we are able to twist, turn, manipulate, and transform emotions into shapes we desire.

Eventually, we build a strong enough awareness about ourselves to know how to change old patterns of emotions and beliefs into new, more useful patterns, taking us where we want to go.

How does this help you in building your business?

If you discovered that the primary emotional patterns experienced by your key employees or Leadership Team were ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘annoyed’, how well do you think they would be managing and directing employees?

What would be very valuable to you is taking that same Leadership Team and teaching them to transform old, bad emotional patterns into more vibrant, positive patterns.

Like leading by making the journey ‘exciting’, ‘adventurous’, and ‘easier.’

I have one client who did just that, and it turned into a revenue increase of 50% in three years.

And in the process, they learned how to build-into themselves an emotional awareness that filled those inner-voids of meaning.

They saw themselves grow, and so did their peers, and more importantly, their spouses.

All because they learned how to build and work through an emotional map.


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