Do you suffer from "the boomerang effect" - the silent killer of many businesses?

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020

We all know high-performers who are destined for leadership roles in their careers.

Their future is bright and exciting.

But then something happens…

That spark of urgency in their eye has faded, if not disappearing completely.

The boomerang effect just claimed another victim.

And as a result, everyone in the office becomes busy putting out self-inflicted fires, trying to solve self-created problems, and are so emotionally frazzled that the business suffers needlessly.

In businesses like this, competition doesn’t have to do a thing to win, because business is its own worst enemy.

It is the people in authority that have a lot of self-sabotaging behaviors.

It’s like a boomerang.

Their own bad behaviors and management styles come back to haunt them.

It’s how they create the circumstances they find themselves in.

And they can’t even see it.

Emotional violence is a good example.

I worked with many leaders who were very nice people, until…

Someone didn’t deliver, or something just didn’t go right.

Then all hell broke loose.

Even behind closed doors, you could hear the yelling, cursing, and belittling.

When the victim opens the door, they face a very quiet bull-pen of people who just quietly stare.

They stop working, time is suspended, and the rumor mill starts working.

The carrier of self-sabotaging behavior just claimed another victim.

That person who at one time was full of energy and optimism for the future has now been infected and might never be the same.

Once infected, they have great difficulty motivating themselves or those around them.

As the disease of self-sabotaging behaviors spreads, the business suffers as productivity drops.

Innovation drops.

Employee referrals of really talented people drop.

And before they know it, everyone is surrounded by average and mediocre people, all because they are the only people who will tolerate such behavior.

Ironically, the carrier of this self-sabotaging behavior doesn’t even see it.

When confronted with the fact they use emotional violence as a management technique to motivate others, they honestly think you’re talking about someone else.

But what goes around always comes around.

The boomerang effect.

It’s called self-sabotaging because it really hurts and destroys the impact of the carrier who infects others.

They hurt themselves by creating many of their own problems.

How are you creating many of your own problems and unwanted circumstances?

You can be like that person who started their career with that excitement in their eye.

But you must find the vaccine for the boomerang effect.

It’s called self-awareness.

It’s not a new concept.

In fact, Socrates talked about it hundreds-and hundreds of years ago when he mentioned: “Know Thyself.”

It means to look at yourself and observe your circumstances.

Behaviors over time create circumstances.

What behaviors do you perform mindlessly that have bad effects and create bad circumstances?

But by developing deep self-awareness, you will see them in yourself and others, and not be emotionally disturbed.

Because we all have them; everyone you look at has some self-sabotaging behaviors.

All we have to do is look.

Start by tracking your emotions.

Everyone has a preferred pattern of emotions that we use to guide us in life.

We’ve found that with many clients the dominant emotions they and their key people experience most often throughout the day are centered around annoyance.

What kind of “boomerang behaviors” and resulting circumstances do you think they create for themselves and employees?

With this self-insight, they can learn how to manage and transform themselves into new patterns of beliefs and behaviors that are much more useful and enjoyable to experience.

Once you become aware of self-sabotaging behaviors, a treasure chest opens to you by way of seeing how you are complicating your own life.

By unraveling self-sabotaging behaviors you solve many of the problems in your life because they are self-inflicted.

Suddenly, you’ll listen better, develop deeper levels of emotional empathy, and act from a common purpose because you recognize that how you impact others is like a boomerang and only comes back to its sender - you.

But the biggest benefit of not living a life of self-sabotaging behaviors, is that you are in greater control of yourself, your circumstances, and the business.

Now, you’ve just returned to being the person who started their career with that spark of excitement in their eye.

Because you found the vaccine for ‘boomerang behaviors’ and unwanted circumstances - deep self-awareness.

If you want additional support in doing a self-assessment and correcting those behaviors that are stopping you from getting higher productivity from your employees or team, schedule a Strategy Session with our team.


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