About Me

Hi, I’m Ted Wolf.

I live in Lititz, Pennsylvania with my wife, three children and a dog I’m crazier about than I could have ever have imagined. What gets me up in the morning is ending entrepreneurial poverty.

In 2014, I started The School of Biz. The goal: To give entrepreneurs and business owners an alternative to the outdated approaches to performance improvement and to help them grow when the old approaches to growth no longer apply.  

But I don’t just talk about change. I get into the depths of your business and help you reinvent everything so you can create the cycle of income, freedom and wealth that will give you the power to have impact too.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who is sick and tired of struggle and knows you were made for bigger things, let’s talk.

I couldn’t be more serious about wanting to hear about you and your business. Click the button below and let’s schedule some time for a conversation.



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