Elite Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs With A Growth Mindset

Today, too many entrepreneurs are suffering from Entrepreneurial Poverty because they don't understand the NEW RULES of business..



Become a 4% Elite Entrepreneur

Only 4% of entrepreneurs consistently generate seven-figure and eight-figure revenue producing companies. They are what we call Elite Entrepreneurs because they learn and implement NEW RULES of business. NEW RULES that prevent them from falling into Entrepreneurial Poverty. Learn from entrepreneurs who have built our own businesses and who can guide you to achieve your goals for income, freedom and wealth through our Elite Entrepreneurs Incubator program..

Elite Entrepreneur Incubator


Learn how to implement new rules for scaling your business through:


Course Curriculum - learn new rules and ideas for scaling your business

The Network -You are not alone!  Meet fellow entrepreneurs and together implement new rules with honest and confidential feedback, gained through peer and accountability team membership 

Technology - learn and manage how you impact others, events and even yourself using our proprietary App called "Growthdrivers"

Sprints - learn how to pace yourself and your business to implement NEW RULES and ideas that scale your business.


Transform yourself into the leader others want to follow

The most valuable tool in the Entrepreneurs toolbox is your mindset - the combination of how you think, feel and act. Through The Elite Entrepreneurs Incubator, using both proprietary tools and our technology App called Growthdrivers, you'll hack the mindset of an Elite Entrepreneur to transform yourself into a leader that is mentally, emotionally and behaviorally agile and resilient. Here's how we'll do it.

Drive your business to mega-millions

We will guide you in creating the Mindset of an Elite Entrepreneur who knows how to drive INCOME

Surround yourself with amazing people

We will guide you in creating a magnet that attracts amazing people who MUST give you FREEDOM

Outperform your competition

We will guide you in the implementation of NEW RULES for fast, accurate, synchronized execution resulting in greater WEALTH

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Ted Wolf. 

As a CEO who built a company from $1000 to $100M in today’s dollars with over 650 employees nationwide, and then helped other owners double, triple and even quadruple their revenue in just a few years – enabling them to have the impact they desired – I’ve learned something important:

The rules of the business game have changed – and the vast majority of entrepreneurs and owners won’t realize it until it’s too late. 

That doesn’t have to be you.

You can accelerate your business’s growth and create the cycle of income, freedom and wealth you must have to achieve your dreams.

Imagine finally having the impact that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

The School of Biz was built to help you get there. Let’s make it happen for you.



The School of Biz is different.

We walk our own talk about how desperately business needs to evolve by employing proprietary software that delivers HARD DATA on change at the individual, team, department and enterprise levels.

In short, we measure your increasing impact throughout each of our programs.


Getting Started is Easy

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"Ted helped me see my shortcomings as an executive and effectively coached me to become a better leader. I grew from an Owner/Operator to a superior-performing executive who knows where to spend his time and how to delegate effectively. As a result, we just experienced our best year in 15 years of business. Ted also helped me develop a succession plan that’s already bearing fruit. "

Ted Garrety
Garrety Glass

Stop Struggling to Achieve Positive Impact with Approaches that No Longer Work

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